MidiLink Pro
MIDI Data Extender / Line Amplifier

• Rugged metal enclosure
• Ethercon connection
• Locking power connector
• Improved status indicator
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• Bi-directional MIDI
• Up to 4,000 ft. using twisted pair
   cabling (CAT5 or better)
• Up to 1,000 ft. using balanced
   audio cable
• No configuration - just use an
   “A” unit at one end, and a “B” unit
   at the other end.
Need to send MIDI data over long distances? 
Perfect for touring, churches, theatres, cruise ships, or any other application where you need to send MIDI long distances over twisted pair (up to 4,000 ft.).  With the optional dual XLR adapter, you can also use balanced XLR cable or audio snakes up to 1,000 ft.

How does it work? 
The MIDI specification limits cable length to a maximum of 50 feet.  The MidiLink Pro converts
the MIDI signal into RS-485 and transmits over twisted pair cabling up to 4,000 feet.  The amplified balanced signal has high immunity to signal interference and noise, and with no latency.

Use one MidiLink Pro at each end of the cable.  Use standard ethernet cables, or tactical ethercon cables for road durability.  MidiLinks are sold in pairs, an “A” unit and a “B” unit, with no crossover cabling required.

Optional Accessory: Ethercon to dual XLR adapters for use with XLR cables and audio snakes

note: The MidiLink Pro is compatible with the original MidiLink, but the status LEDs will not function.