MidiLink - MIDI Data Extenders

MidiLink Data ExtendersThe MidiLink Data Extenders allow you to send MIDI data
bi-directionally up to 4,000 feet using standard CAT5 twisted pair cable.

Two models are available, one with RJ45 connectors and one with DIN8 connectors. MidiLinks are sold in A/B pairs, one for each end of the cable.

Adapters can be used to send data over XLR mic cables, audio snakes, etc. You can build your own (we provide the pin outs for you). A version of the MidiLink is also used with our MidiLite II dimmer systems.

Available for $249.95 for an A/B pair. Click Here to order from our Online Store.
For orders outside the USA or Canada, contact: sales@midilite.com.
Specifications of MidiLink
MIDI Transmission
  • Bi-directional MIDI transmission.
  • Up to 4,000 feet between transceivers
    when using CAT5 cable.
  • Up to 750+ feet when using XLR cables
    (results will depend on type of cable used)

Two Models Available

  • RJ45 connector - for using standard CAT5 twisted pair cabling.
  • DIN8 connector - for use with MidiLite II systems or other applications where a more durable connector is desired.
  • 9V DC, 500mA
  • 120V US Power adapter is supplied

MidiLink RJ45 Back View
RJ45 Model Shown