Current Software / Firmware Versions

Product Type / Description Current Version Download Info
MLdesign User Page Editing Software for the MidiLite II system. v2.2.1 download
MLcontrol Control and Cue Editing Software for the MidiLite II system. v2.1.1 download
MLsim 3D Realtime Tree Simulator Software
(now has the Setup Utility and MIDI Bridge built-in)
v2.0.1 download
MLsim Setup Utility Setup Utility for MLsim
No longer required with MLsim v2.0
MIDI Bridge MIDI to MLnet Conversion
(to use MLcontrol on a separate computer to control MLsim)
MLcontrol Mobi Remote Control a MidiLite II system (or MLsim) from an iPhone or iPod Touch. v1.0.1 Purchase for the iPhone or iPod touch on the App Store!
Mobi Bridge Bridge software for use with MLcontrol Mobi v1.0 download
MidiLite II
(requires MLdesign to upload firmware to your MidiLite II frames)
v3.2.21 download
MidiLite AMS Installer MidiLite Patchlists for Digital Performer & OS X v1.1 download
LanBox LCX Firmware v2.0.9 download
LanBox LCM Firmware v2.0.9 download
LanBox LCE Firmware v2.0.9 download
LCedit+ Software Software - Mac OS X
(includes all LanBox firmware)
v3.4 download
LCedit+ Software Software - Windows 98 and above
(includes all LanBox firmware)
v3.4 download
LCedit for Palm Software - Palm OS v1.4 download

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