Living Christmas Trees, Living Cross Easter Productions

"The Living Christmas Tree"

Community Christian Church
6480 E. Hwy 95
Yuma, Arizona

Doug McAllister, Pastor
John Kruger, Tree Programmer

1998 was their first year doing a tree
and it's an OUTDOOR TREE!
(I guess they can do that in Yuma, Arizona
at Christmas time)

# of Tiers: 9
# of Lights: 16,000
MidiLite Channels: 54
Matrix: 9x6 Single Color XY Matrix

Yuma's matrix is a little different than most systems. They use multi-colored strings (rather than separated color strings), so to the Midilite it's as if they only have 1 color. Their matrix is set-up as an "XY" matrix where each block represents a row of their tree and what is usually the 6 colors, are 6 divisions horizontally within each row. This actually allows them to do diagonals, etc. but they had to be careful of their total wattage since a single frame was driving the entire tree.

Ernie Bush used a PC running Cakewalk MIDI sequencing software to control their MidiLite system. Sound tracks were played back directly from the computer which eliminated the need for external synchronzation.

For more information, call (520) 344-1360

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