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Watch our LIVE WEBCAST - Tuesday, Sept. 1st at 2:00pm ET (1:00pm CT) as we introduce MidiLite Studio 2020

Upgrade pricing: $399.95 from previous version (includes updates until Aug. 31st, 2021)

MidiLite Software Maintenance Update Plan
MidiLite Studio 2020 will be a paid update. After that, the annual update plan will give you access to all updates to MidiLite software for a one year period (September 1st thru August 31st each year). The annual flat fee allows you to receive all MidiLite software updates and new features.

The annual fee for the Software Maintenance Update Plan is $199.95.

A new user name and authorization code will be required for MidiLite Studio 2020.

Contact us to purchase the upgrade and obtain a new authorization code.

Software Downloads & Updates

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