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Living Christmas Tree photo

Living Christmas Trees
using MidiLite

MidiLite II Dimmer System

DMX Controllers

MidiLink Data Transceivers

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Living Christmas Tree with Intelligent Lighting
MidiLite II MIDI controller dimmers for matrix lighting
Top Secret!  Come to the Conference in August!
MLdesign user page editing software
MLcontrol Touch Screen Interface for the MidiLite II Control PowerPoint via MIDI with midi presenter. LanBox LCX DMX Controller
Opti Trilite Aluminum Truss for displays and lighting. GKI / Bethlehem Lighting - commercial grade miniature lights, ornaments and more.
MidiLink Transceivers - extend MIDI up to 4,000 ft. Chauvet DMX Luminaires, Stobes, Lasers, Par Cans and more

The MidiLite II Matrix Lighting System can be used for Living Christmas Trees, Singing Christmas Trees, Easter Living Cross Productions, Patriotic Presentation or any other type of lighting display requiring sophisticated control of a matrix of low wattage lights.

LanBox DMX Controller products are for controlling any DMX512 compliant dimmer pack, intelligent fixture or anything that speaks the DMX protocol. Each LanBox includes free LCedit+ software for programming lighting cues.

Our MidiLink MIDI data extenders are for extending MIDI over 4,000 feet using CAT5 cable. This breaks the normal 50 ft. limit for MIDI lines.



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