Living Christmas Trees, Living Cross Easter Productions

"The Living Christmas Tree"

First Baptist Church
Alexandria, VA

Roger McGee: Music and Worship
Paul Eskridge: Tree Programming
Living Christmas Tree
(used MidiLite since 2001)

# of Tiers: 11
# of Lights: 20,000
MidiLite Channels: 342
Matrix: 5x11x6 Vertical (+ 12 aux channels)

FBC Alexandria started with the MidiLite system in 2001, controlling just their star. They used a custom MR1 dimmer rack with just one output card to control their star. In 2002, they expanded to a MR3 rack with a 3x11x6 vertical matrix with 6 aux channels for their star. In 2008, they expanded to a MR5 rack with a 5x11x6 vertical matrix with 12 aux channels.

Comments from their 2002 production:

Our first Christmas with MidiLite was very successful. We sold out 7 perfomances - 6100 attendees, which is the most ever. On the one hand, people were awed by the lights; but on the other hand, many of them seem to think that we hired all professional people to do the program - that it wasn't a church production. But we are now the best thing in Northern Virginia for Christmas. Thanks for all your help in making that happen. Roger is on cloud nine and talking about what we can do to improve even more next year.

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