Living Christmas Trees, Living Cross Easter Productions

"The Living Christmas Tree"

Grey Stone Baptist Church
Durham, North Carolina

Robert Bresch, Music Minister
Marlene Clifton, Tree Programmer
Living Christmas Tree
(used MidiLite since 1999)

# of Tiers: 9
# of Lights: 56,700
MidiLite Channels: 528 (One MR4 and One MR5 Dimmer Rack)
Matrix: 9x9x6 matrix +42 aux channels

1999 was Grey Stone Baptist Church's first year using the MidiLite system. They started with a mini-matrix (3x9x6) but pre-wired their tree for a full 9x9x6 matrix and used MidiLite "threefers" to tie every group of 3 bocks together. Then they expanded to a full 9x9x6 matrix MidiLite II system in Spring 2000. They used a G3 Power Macintosh computer with Digital Performer software to control their light show.

In 1999, over 100 participants were involved and over 3,500 people attended their six presentations with overflowing crowds each night.

For 2003, they are added some additional aux channels for small side trees.

Greystone also uses a LanBox LCX for controlling some of their DMX dimmers in conjunction with their show.

Grey Stone Baptist Church Web Site

For more information, call (919) 286-2281.