Living Christmas Trees, Living Cross Easter Productions

"The Living Christmas Tree"

Moncton Wesleyan Church
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

2010 was Moncton's first year using the MidiLite System.

# of Tiers: 10
# of Lights: 32,500
Matrix: 10x9x6

Living Christmas Tree for Sale
The Moncton Wesleyan Church in Moncton, New Brunswick has just ended their 40th year of the Living Christmas Tree production. A decision was made that this production was to be the last, ending 40 very successful years of bringing people to know the Lord through this event. We have approx.$20,000.00 invested in the structure, greenery and lighting on the tree that we would like to sell. The tree is a metal frame construction with stairs that go up both sides of the tree. There is over 30,000 lights installed on the greenery in a 10x9x6 matrix which means it has 10 rows, the lights are divided in 9 blocks across each row and have 6 different color lights in each block.

The sale of the tree does not include the MidiLite system that drives the lights in the tree but I am sure that Jon at Castle Studios Productions will be more than happy to assist you with that. We are open to offers on this and you can contact Pastor Don Ingersoll at for more details. If you need any technical details about the tree you can contact Dave Murphy at

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