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Photos of Simulator built by
Thomas Road Baptist Church - Lynchburg, VA

Simulator for 9x9x6 matrix (486 channels)

Construction Photos:

This model was made with cut strings of lights and requires a transformer to generate a low voltage for the reduced number of bulbs per circuit. Rows were built individually, bulbed and wired and then assembled together. This allowed multiple people to work on pieces of the model simultaneously.

Tiers were built as individual sections out of masonite with 9 sides, representing each lighting block. Holes were drilled and bulbs inserted.

Tiers attached together to create the final model.

Here is the model with all of the bulbs inserted but before the pigtail cabling was attached.

Other churches that have built simulators:

Bethesda Baptist Church - Brownsburg, Indiana

Mid-way Baptist Church - Raleigh, North Carolina

Hyland Heights Baptist Church - Lynchburg, Virginia

Greystone Baptist Church - Durham, NC

First Baptist Church - Springdale, AR

plus several new ones in Fall 2000 & Fall 2001


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