Living Christmas Trees, Living Cross Easter Productions

"Virginia Christmas Spectacular"
featuring the Living Christmas Tree

Thomas Road Baptist Church
Lynchburg, Virginia

2009 was Thomas Road's 15th year using the MidiLite.
(have been using the MidiLite since 1995)

2009 Show Specs
# of Tiers: 11
# of Lights: over 130,000+
MidiLite Channels: approx. 936

Matrix: 11x12x6 (+12 ch. star and approx. 40 aux channels)

The 2009 production is using just one 11 tier tree as part of it's New York City theme.

Tree Programming by: Jon Daggett, Matt Gifford, Mark Creasey II
Theatrical Light Programming by: Paul Green, David Diamond
Click here to order a DVD of TRBC's 2009 production.

2008 Show Specs
# of Tiers: Twin 11
# of Lights: 260,000+
MidiLite Channels: over 1,700

Matrix: Twin 11x12x6 (+ two 12 ch. stars and approx. 90 aux channels)

The MidiLite system is “light years” in front of everything else I have seen on the market. Our audiences are amazed at the complexity of the light show on the “Tree”. I would recommend the MidiLite system to churches large and small because it is powerful, yet flexible enough to handle a number of church lighting needs.

Linwood Campbell, Arranger, Thomas Road Baptist Church

Quotes from the stage lighting team:

" have approached moving lights from a completely different perspective--making the user interface more user friendly..."

"I find this revolutionary... Bravo!!!"

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