Living Christmas Trees, Living Cross Easter Productions

"The Twin Living Christmas Trees"

Raleigh, North Carolina

Twin LCT Photo
# of Tiers: 8 per tree (2 trees)
# of Lights: 80,000
MidiLite Channels: 162
Matrix: Dual 8x8x6 (+ aux channels)
Programming by: David Bauer
(used MidiLite since 1997)

Mid-way also uses a LanBox for control of stage lighting (NSI dimmers) and intelligent moving lights.

For their first two years, each tree had a single MidiLite frame providing row-only effects with 6 colors. They pre-wired their trees for a full-matrix which allows them easy expansion options. For 1999, they have added a 3rd frame and have decided to "mirror" the two trees. This will allow for better effects on the tree, but both trees will be doing the same thing. Because of the size of the auditorium and the stage layout, it is difficult to actually watch both trees simultaneously anyway.

Future plans are to expand to a full-matrix system.

Information on their 1999 Production:

Join the thousands of people this Christmas season who will experience the first of a new Triangle family tradition.
Don't miss this opportunity to witness this production extravaganza with...

*Exciting pageantry featuring an exquisitely costumed dramatic cast, with over 200 adults and children involved!

*TWO Beautifully decorated 24 foot tall trees sparkling with over 80,000 lights

*A heart warming family experience that brings together the tradition, music and drama that light the heart of Christmas.


Tickets may be purchased at Mid-Way Baptist Church during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by calling (919) 772-5864.

Cash, check VISA or MasterCard accepted.

For more information, call (919) 772-5864.

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