MidiLite 3D Realtime Tree Simulator
• Mac OS 10.4.8 or higher (10.5.x recommended)
• Mac G4, G5 or Intel, 1.42GHz or higher
(Mac Mini's introduced March 3, 2009 or later are fine, but earlier models are not recommended)
• If running with another application, 1.83GHz or higher recommended.

Run in Window Mode or Full Screen

Up to a 15x15x6 Matrix (1,350 channels)

Emulates the MidiLite II Hardware and all MidiLite II Commands.

Position/Rotate tree in 3D space.

Communicate with MLsim using MLnet network protocol.
(bundled with MIDI Bridge for use with Digital Performer or MLcontrol)

MLsim can run right alongside with Digital Performer, MLdesign or MLcontrol (software version) in a separate window. With a dual display setup, just drag MLsim to your 2nd display for a larger tree view.

Intel based Macs are recommended, but MLsim will work with on some G4/G5 machines that are 1.42GHz or faster. MLsim is a graphics intensive application, so the graphics/video capabilities are very important; this is why the Intel-based Mac Minis are not recommended because of their lower GPU performance.

MLsim can also be run on a separate computer and communicate with it using an ethernet or WiFi connection.

MLsim Setup Utility (included) is used to set your matrix parameters, position/rotation and other settings.

New DEMO VIDEOS online!

MIDI Bridge (included) is used to communicate with MLsim from Digital Performer or MLcontrol. MIDI Bridge creates a virtual MIDI device which is seen by Digital Performer (or MLcontrol) and also supplies the MidiLite Patchlists to Digital Performer.

MIDI Bridge also allows you to route a port from a MIDI interface to MLsim, allowing the use of an external MIDI device, such as a PC1600x.

You can also use MIDI Bridge in a Twin Tree environment along with two copies of MLsim. MIDI Bridge will create 3 virtual devices (Tree A, Tree B & Both Trees) for complex multiple matrix configurations with Digital Performer.

MLsim can be purchased at our Online Store. Single License and Site License options are available.

Version 1.0.3 is now available, which is Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) compatible.

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