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MidiLink MIDI Transmission System
MIDI is normally limited to a cable distance of 50 ft. but when using MidiLink transceivers, you can transmit & receive MIDI data over Cat5 cable up to 4,000 feet! The MidiLink is used with the MidiLite II dimmers but a pair of MidiLinks can also be used as a standalone bi-directional MIDI transmission system for any MIDI equipment.
Cables & Breakouts
Cables & Breakouts
Custom multi-channel cables and breakout boxes are available to connect your lights to your MidiLite dimmer frames.
Miniature Lights

We can also provide commercial grade miniature lights for your production in a variety of colors and bulb spacing. Lights feature locking tabs and twistproof bulbs.
MLsim 3D Realtime Simulator

MLcontrol Touch Screen Control

MLdesign User Page Software

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