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Dimmer Products
Our flagship product is the MidiLite II Dimmer System which is designed for large scale Matrix lighting applications such as Living Christmas Trees or other high tech lighting displays.

We also now have available the 788-LD+ DMX quad dimmer pack.

MidiLite II Dimmer System
788-LD+ Dimmer Pack

Compact 4 channel DMX dimmer pack.

Provides four 5 amp dimmer channels. The 788-LD+ works with professional lighting equipment, halogen lights and inductive loads such as low voltage lighting, neon lights, etc. without annoying hum or damage to transformers.

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The MidiLite II Dimmer System allows large matrix lighting displays (up to 1,350 dimmer channels in a 15x15x6 matrix). Dimmer channels are in groups of 6 and each frame can hold up to 15 cards (90 channels). These frames are built into our MR Series Dimmer Racks which range in size from a MR1 (1 frame) to a MR6 (6 frames). Multiple racks can be networked together using our proprietary ML-Bus system to achieve a full 15x15x6 matrix on just a single MIDI cable.

Multiple MidiLite matrices can be created using additional MIDI cables for larger systems.

We have dozens of Living Christmas Tree productions using the MidiLite with sizes ranging from 30 channels up to 1,440 channels.

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