NEW! LanBox-LCE DMX Controller & 788-LD+ Dimmer Pack!
LCedit v3.02 Features

CDS advanced technology bv announces the v3.0.2 release of LCedit+,
the advanced LanBox lighting editor, for multiple platforms. This new
version of LCedit+ adds, besides bug fixes, many new features for the
LanBox-LCX and LanBox-LCM, and for theatre applications:

** LCX & LCM users should install firmware v1.05, which is included **

New features:
* Scene compression; you can now store up to 300% more scenes in the LCX & LCM.
* Up to 200% faster screen refresh.
* The LanBox-LCM can now save the "play layer" state (IR menu 5).
* Increment/decrement to next multiple of 5 step in Go field.
* Replace at next multiple of 5 step with option/alt key.
* Instant switch between Edit/Run layer mode.
* Key option/alt-enter enables all channels of fixture/group.
* Key option/alt-backspace disables all channels of fixture/group.
* key x selects pan field, and y selects tilt field.
* Time stamp in interface log added.
* Reset layer/engine added as Go 0 (CLI g0), and in script: reset engine x
* Library files updated, new fixtures added, and new presets added.
* Menu command "Reset preset numbers" added.

Bug fixes:
* On MacOS 8/9: Apple's USB modem bug solved (stopped working after
some time), by creating an alternative USB modem extension. Note:
This bug prevented -ANY- USB connected modem from reliable long time
* Memory leak on OSX version solved.
* Cursor bug in script editor of OSX version solved.
* 0.05 sec lost in hold/fade time corrected.
* In library editor "Illegal Cast Exception" fixed.
* Big scenes backup/restore/load/save are now correctly working.
* +/- bug in decimal DMX data mode fixed.
* On the Windows version some menu short-cuts did not work.
Click here to download.