MLdesign Software for OS X

MLdesign is for creating/editing User Pages for the MidiLite II and also provides many utility functions as well.

With MLdesign, you can create Color Pages, Super Pages, Snapshots and Fade Pages with the included editors. Design user pages offline (without being attached to an actual MidiLite II) and then upload them into your system later.

MLdesign v2.0 is available for just $299.95 USD.
Upgrades from v1.x are $69.95
A site license is also now available for an additional $100.
For ordering information, contact or click on the Add to Cart button to the right.

Download a copy now and try it out in Demo Mode (runs for 15 minutes at a time).

MLdesign Features
System Requirements
  • Macintosh G4 or G5, 500MHz or faster.
  • Mac OS X 10.3.4 or higher.

  • For online creating, you'll also need a USB Midi Interface and a MidiLite II Dimmer System. You can however create/edit user pages offline, without being attached to actual MidiLite II hardware.


  • Snapshot Editor - create/edit Snapshots.
  • Color Page Editor - create/edit Color Pages.
  • Super Page Editor - create/edit Super Pages.
  • Fade Rates Editor - create/edit Fade Rate Pages.
  • Sys Config - set your matrix size, high/low burns, etc.
  • ML II Modes - view/edit MidiLite II mode settings, such as Take/Fade modes, fade rates, etc.
  • Preview Snapshots, Color Pages & Super Pages on an on-screen tree model.
  • Utility functions for MidiLite II, including firmware upload.