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LanBox-LCM, Mini DMX controller with Serial or MIDI

The LanBox-LCM is a mini version of the LanBox-LCX DMX controller, made to run stand-alone or controlled via MIDI or serial. It's very small, very low priced and very easy to use, yet it supports 512 DMX channels and has the same command set as the LCX. With an of the shelf IR VCR remote controller (not included) you can also select pre-made light scenes, chases or light channels. The four-digit LED display provides simple feedback.

Bundled software includes LCedit+ a graphical lighting editor for MacOS, Mac OS X and Windows 98SE/2000/XP.

Includes power adapter, Ethernet cable, and FREE software updates and upgrades!

Download the User's Manual for the LanBox products here.

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LanBox LCM DMX Controller
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Specifications of LanBox-LCM
DMX-512, lighting protocol support
  • Controlling up to 512 DMX channels,
    maximum 1024 active light channels.
  • DMX-512 USITT 1990 protocol.
  • DMX output rate, 20 times per second.
  • Yellow DMX outputstatus LED.

Non-volatile storage of cues

  • Hundreds of cues, divided into a maximum of 999 cue lists with up to 99 cue steps. (The actual maximum number of cues depends on the number of channels used in a cue).

Bundled software

  • LC+ firmware & LCedit+ cue editing software (MacOS 8/9, Mac OS X, Win98SE/2000).
  • Developer examples.


  • 3-pole XLR female DMX output connector.
  • RJ45 connector for a serial, modem or MIDI and two switch inputs connections.
  • 5 pole din connectors on MIDI adapter.
  • DB9F RS232 connecter serial adapter.


  • RS232 (9600, 19400 or 38400 baud),
    for editing or cue triggers via serial or modem connection.
  • MIDI, for editing and cue triggers.
  • Two external digital (switch) inputs for external cue triggers.

 IR control and LED display

  • Support for RC5 (Philips) and Sony IR VCR controllers.
  • Green four-digit LED information display.
  • Note On/Off translation to DMX values.
  • Program change translation to select scene (cue list) command.
  • Controller based command structure.
  • SysEx implementation for full lighting editing.
  • MIDI Show Control level 2 support.
  • Full editing and execution control.


  • 6V DC, 3%, max 500mA
  • A 100-240V adapter is supplied
  • Abient temperature 0...+40 C

Size and weight

  • Height: 45 mm (1.77 in)
  • Width: 104 mm (4.1 in)
  • Depth: 86 mm (3.39 in)
  • Weight: xx g (xx oz)


  • Microprocessor based design.
  • FlashPROM enables easy upgrading of firmware
  • 256 KB RAM lighting scenes memory with FLASH storage.
  • Industrial design.

Other features

  • Integrated Forth system with custom firmware possibilities.
  • Stand-alone operation & computer supervised shows.
  • Black extruded alluminium case, designed to withstand On-The-Road conditions.


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