Simulator Ideas

The best way to do a Tree Simulator is to use our new MLsim 3D Realtime Simulation Software! But, you may want to build an actual scale model as well, so we provide the following information for you.

Below are links to a few churches who have shared photos and information on their simulators.

Greystone Baptist Church - Durham, NC

First Baptist Church - Springdale, AR

New Hope Baptist Church - Fayetteville, GA

Thomas Road Baptist Church - Lynchburg, VA

First Baptist Church - Orlando, FL

We sell special Pigtail Cables which are 12 ft. long with the MidiLite male multi-pin on one end and just bare wires on the other for interfacing into your simulator. These are $13.00 each and one would be required for each lighting block of 6 channels.

If you have built a model and would like to share information and photos with us, please e-mail us the information.